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Why rental equipment is a no-brainer for short-term accommodation

Why rental equipment is a no-brainer for short-term accommodation

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Renting a room at your mate’s place for a few months while you’re travelling? Or renting out a room in your home as an Airbnb host? Why not rent your furniture too?

Renting furniture is the perfect alternative for those constantly on the move! With cheap rates for weekly or monthly periods and the ability to avoid the stress of having to resell or ditch your stuff once you want to go onto the next adventure, you’d be crazy not to consider it!

Read on to find out why renting home furnishing and equipment is the most convenient option for the transient at heart!

Short term accommodation for travellers
Many travellers choose to stay in short term accommodation to avoid fixed contracts holding them down. Instead of crashing on your mate’s couch, why not rent his spare room and have a bit of privacy? Share houses are constantly in a state of flux, and it isn’t hard to find an empty room to call your own for a couple of weeks or months. If the room is unfurnished, a great way to get by is to rent some furniture and avoid the hassle of having to find a place for it once your stay is up.

Buying a mattress can be expensive and stressful. Plus, trying to get rid of it when you want to move is even more of a hassle. The likelihood of getting back the amount of cash you dished out for it in the first place is slim. Avoid these complications and make your transition from one location to the next smoother by renting a mattress and frame or ensemble.

Student Accommodation
On-campus, student accommodation can be like a year long school camp – loud, fun and spattered with moments where all you want to do is retreat to your own space. Create a haven by renting a few choice luxuries for your room.

For those times where you just need to chill out and escape the exuberance of the corridors and stress of study, hire a gaming console and TV and lose yourself for an hour or two. At the close of the study year when you need to pack your room to the roof of your tiny car to head home for the summer, simply return your equipment in time to make use of Mum and Dad’s home cinema!

Airbnb hosts
Looking to rent out an unused room in your townhouse or apartment for some extra cash but don’t have the furnishings to make it comfortable enough for guests? Rent furniture and appliances to spruce up your guest room and create a little oasis in your home.

In Australian summer, the addition of an aircon to your short term guest room can make the difference between a 2 and 5 star review! If your guests are travellers from countries such as Britain, they aren’t going to be accustomed to the hot Aussie climate. Make sure their stay is enjoyable by hiring an aircon for their room so that they can sleep comfortably by night and explore afresh during the day.

Looking to rent furniture or equipment to make your short term stay more comfortable? Check out Macrae’s range of rental packages at great prices, available on a weekly or monthly basis!