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What is internet TV streaming and how do you get it?

What is internet TV streaming and how do you get it?


Thanks to Netflix crossing the Pacific Ocean and landing on our shores, streaming TV has now hit the mainstream. Read on to understand the basics for getting started with internet TV streaming today.

Broadly speaking, there are two categories of streaming services.

Paid services are getting most the attention at the moment. Of the paid options, the main contenders are Netflix, Stan, Presto and FoxtelGo. They generally cost between $10-15 per month, except FoxtelGo which costs considerably more. They all include unlimited streaming of massive libraries of TV shows, movies and documentaries.

Free streaming is the second option which is offered by all the Australian Network TV stations. Both SBS and ABC offer most of their recent shows for streaming with minimal advertising, and have done so for some time. The other network stations, Channels 7, 9, and 10, have all now followed with competitive offerings as well.

For a more in-depth look at your available TV streaming services, you may wish to visit here, and here.

But how do you do it?Any of the following four categories of devices will easily give you access to on-demand streamed TV.

Smart TVs

Having a SmartTV is arguably the best option. Through your TV’s menu you will be able to access almost all of the paid and the free streaming apps. If you already have a SmartTV and you cannot see these apps, try updating the software.

Set-top boxes and media players

A set-top box or media player is a device that adds new functionality to your TV. AppleTV, for example, includes apps for many popular streaming platforms. Also, many DVD players now include a SmartTV menu, so this is much cheaper than buying a whole new TV.

Playstation & X-Box Consoless

Modern gaming consoles have a taken a much stronger stance as complete entertainment devices, not just gaming. These new devices now play games, DVD’s and Blu-rays, and come with a range of TV streaming services.

Tablets and Phones

All of the streaming options available to you can be streamed with through your computer or through your tablet or mobile phone. Sure it’s only a small screen, but you can now watch your favourite TV show or movie almost anytime and anywhere. Add an AppleTV or a Chromecast and you can even send what you’re watching from you phone to your TV!

It’s time to get onboard

Internet TV streaming has now hit the mainstream big time. It’s never been easier or simpler to access true, on-demand entertainment. So if you’re not yet on board with TV streaming yet, now is the time?

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