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Top Reasons Why Renting is Better

Top Reasons Why Renting is Better


Why purchase brand new household equipment at a price you can’t afford? Before you hand over your hard earned cash on a microwave, fridge or a washing machine, check out these reasons why appliance rental is actually better.

Financially Savvy

Buying white goods outright such as refrigerators, washers and dryers can really deplete your bank balance. When flatting it’s money that can be hard to hand over, especially if you’ve just paid a bond and a month’s worth of rent in advance. Appliance rental, on the other hand, means just paying a fixed amount each month, and keeping your money for more important uses. The longer you rent, the cheaper the rate too!


Saves Flattie Hassles

Shared houses or flats can make owning white goods tricky. If it’s your washing machine being used by five other people for loads of dirty laundry, that’s extra wear and tear on your appliance. Should it need repairing the cost will also fall on your head as it belongs to you. Renting appliances means less tension and hassle between flatties since the cost is divided equally. If it breaks down then, you can get it repaired or replaced immediately.


Get the Latest Models

Renting appliances allows you to narrow down the choices and get a quality product that you might not have been able to afford outright. Besides, as soon as you purchase a brand new appliance its value depreciates. If you decide to sell it, you won’t make back what you paid for it. You could buy second hand but then you run the risk of being saddled with equipment that doesn’t work as well as a newer model.


A Stop-Gap Solution

Renting appliances doesn’t need to be permanent. If you’re not planning on living in the house you’re currently in long term, then renting white goods is a great way to fulfill a temporary need. It also saves time and money when you move and discover that your expensive appliance doesn’t actually fit into your new place. You’ll have an unusable appliance plus the cost of buying a new one. With appliance rental you won’t have to measure anything when you’re house hunting.
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