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To Cut Your Grocery Bill, Start Thinking In Bulk

To Cut Your Grocery Bill, Start Thinking In Bulk

buying groceries in bulk



With supermarkets controlling 80% of the grocery trade, many people are choosing to buy their food at local shops, markets and wholesale stores instead. This both provides more choice, but can also be a cheaper way of shopping, especially if you buy in bulk. Find out more about how buying in bulk can save you money and why you should.

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Buying in Bulk Saves Money

Basically, any packaged food in a supermarket is going to cost more per unit price than if you’re buying it in unpackaged and in bulk. This goes for meat, vegetables, grains, rice, etc. which are all food stuffs you don’t have to buy at the supermarket.

The best foods for buying in bulk are those that have a long shelf life, such as dried beans, pasta, rice, snack foods, pepper, salt and condiments. Perishable foods such as meat or chicken can also be divvied up into smaller portions, wrapped and frozen in your deep freeze.

Buying fruits in bulk at a local organic market or farm when they’re in season and then bottling or freezing them will save you more than if you bought them in bags at the supermarket. When freezing food items be sure to label containers with the contents and date they were stored.

Dry stock
If you are shopping at a supermarket, and you have storage room, buying items such as toilet paper and paper towels in bulk works out cheaper.

Buying in Bulk is Better for the Planet

Loose food items such as fruits and vegetables don’t need packaging, it’s only supermarkets that decide to wrap them in plastic and cardboard to make them look attractive and neat on the shelves. All this packaging is detrimental to the planet since it generates air and water pollution to produce it. Once at home it’s removed and thrown away and usually ends up in landfill, unless it can be recycled.

Where to Buy in Bulk in Brisbane?

Brisbane has lots of places you can buy bulk meat and food items. You may need to drive further to get there as most are outside the city centre, but it will save you money in the long run.

Here are some places to check out:

  • Hans Factory Outlet – a great range of all cuts of meat including beef, chicken, lamb and pork.
  • Tillari Trotters – free range pork and lamb, orders over $50 are delivered.
  • Jack Purcell Meats – located in Virginia, a variety of meats and also fruit and veggies.
  • Super Butcher – 6 locations across Brisbane and you can order online.
  • Costco – membership wholesale store for bulk grocery and household items in North Lakes.
  • The Source Bulk Foods – bulk wholefoods, health foods and paleo, gluten free, organic & vegan products.


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