Tips to Help Young Adult Kids Move Out for the First Time

Tips to Help Young Adult Kids Move Out for the First Time

Tips to Help Young Adult Kids Move Out for the First Time


The day has come; you’re about to take your first step into the world of adulthood by getting your own place…well, a small room in a shared flat at least.Since this is all about standing on your own two feet, there are some things to consider so you get it right the first time.

Flat Hunting

Research is key here. To create a manageable short list, spend a week or two familiarising yourself with the area you want to live in and what features are must-haves. If you’ll be using public transport find out where the stops are. Midweek flat hunting can pay off, so consider taking a day or two off work, so you’re first in line to view. If you’ll be the leaseholder, be prepared to sign on the spot and have ready cash to cover the bond and initial renting costs.

Flatmates or Single Living?

Sharing a flat with other people has its advantages, especially when it comes to splitting bills and having people to socialise with, but it pays to choose the person or people you live with carefully. Nothing will break up a flat quicker than living with people who you don’t get on with or who don’t get on with you. Although it might be more expensive, if you’re keen to live by yourself, then you’re likely to be happier in the long run and avoid the stress of dealing with flatmate issues.

Save on Furniture

Make savings where you can with furniture and appliances. If you’re moving into a flat that’s already established, then you may not have to contribute much except your bedroom furniture. Starting a new flat will be more expensive so ask your parents for any unwanted crockery, linen, pots and pans etc. Secondhand stores and cheap furniture shops are also great for first-time flatters. You can always replace items further down the track. Consider renting those big ticket items from MacRae, we offer packages for home furniture and electrical items.

Budget for Bills

Financial difficulty is perhaps the no.1 reason kids move back to their parents. So make sure you’re able to cover all your bills with your salary. No one likes a flatmate that can’t make rent. Be realistic about your spending, if you can’t afford to go out more than once a week then so be it. Be honest and upfront and your flatmates will understand. If they don’t, then it might be time to start looking for your second flat.

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