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The Ultimate Dudes Gaming Weekend

The Ultimate Dudes Gaming Weekend


Gaming online is fun, but there’s nothing like having your buddies over and going head-to-head in real life! So how can you organize the ultimate dudes gaming weekend? Read the following tips and hints to create an amazing gaming experience!

Have Equipment Ready

In order to throw a great gaming weekend, you are first going to need some gaming equipment.  For a gaming weekend, you will at least need a gaming console and a big screen TV. A small TV isn’t really suited for gaming because your guests will have trouble getting into the gaming when they have trouble seeing what is on the screen.

You will also need a quality set of controllers, at least two, but preferably four. While some games only allow up to two players, certain games that will let you choose four! The more players, the merrier right?

Ensure you have a good selection of various games available and do not stick to one particular genre. Each person has a very specific taste in gaming, so it may be a good idea to diversify for a gaming weekend. Ask your guests about their favourite games in advance and try to cater to their preferences where possible. You can use equipment you already have, ask the other dude’s to bring equipment and games too, and look into renting what you need for the weekend.

Plan Food

A guy’s weekend is nothing without the food to keep you playing; so great snacks are a must. Plan to have some finger foods and snacks that are easy to prepare and eat. Most guys love Buffalo wings, meatballs, shish kabobs, nachos, chips and dip and candy, so line up a platter of good snacks. You can also order some pizzas if you aren’t up to cooking.

Before you prepare food, make sure that you are aware of everyone’s favourite foods and any allergies so that each person has something they will enjoy. Also, pick up some beers, sodas and water to wash down the snacks.

Get approval from the Household

You cannot host a great dudes gaming weekend without the approval of your wife and/or housemates. This may be an obstacle, but there are several ways to approach it.

Firstly, it is important to know what the plan is well in advance. You need to know specifics of the day and time you plan to have the guys over, as she will probably like to plan ahead to do her own thing. It is also helpful to plan a budget and stick to it to give yourself and your significant other, a little peace of mind. Try to pick foods that do not leave a big mess and opt for paper plates instead of your dishes, to help make the clean up easy. Not leaving a big mess and showing you thought about this ahead of time, will definitely play to your advantage.

Another way you can convince your wife is by offering her some options for things to do instead of being stuck in her room while your guy’s night occupies most of the space. A relationship is an equal partnership, so doing this will give you some leverage. Lastly, you can be proactive and plan something for her to ensure that while you’re having a ball with the boys, she can enjoy herself as well. Whether it is a night at a local spa and resort or just a night out with the girls, being thoughtful and considering her will ensure your guys nights are always a success.

There you have it; you need the hardware, decent food, and your wife’s approval. Once you have those three taken care of, get ready for your ultimate gaming weekend and enjoy!