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The Best sights from Brisbane to Wollongong: What We Love when Delivering Rental Products!

The Best sights from Brisbane to Wollongong: What We Love when Delivering Rental Products!

The best sights from Brisbane to Wollongong: What we love when delivering rental products!

From the humble to the extravagant, there are a few iconic landmarks that we always find ourselves stopping in at, or looking out for, on our journey from Brisbane to Wollongong and everywhere in between!

At 1st Choice Rentals and Macrae Rentals, we deliver rental furniture, electronics, white goods and lawn equipment all over Australia. This means that we have quite a lot of driving to do! But it also gives us the opportunity to see some of the very best sights that our sunburnt country has to offer. We often find ourselves on the road, transporting hired homewares and equipment to Brisbane and Wollongong, and various spots in between. So we’ve put together a list of our favourite landmarks along Australia’s East Coast, and hope that you too can enjoy these little gems on your next road trip!

Yatala Pie Shop

Yatala, QLD
The first port of call for a sneaky lunchtime treat is always the famed Yatala Pie Shop. After all, what’s more Aussie than a meat pie with tomato sauce, eaten straight out of the bag? The shop sells around a whopping 3500 pies a day! If this alone isn’t a testament to the quality of succulent beef and flaky golden pastry to be found at this popular pie paradise, the fact it’s been in operation for over 130 years may convince you to give it a try. It’s conveniently situated just off the Pacific Motorway, has a drive-thru window for those on-the-go, and you can’t miss it because there’s a giant “Pie in the Sky” out the front.

The Big Banana

Coffs Harbour, NSW.
It isn’t an Australian road trip without stopping off at, or looking out for, all the Big Things. In fact, this is often how we judge how much pavement we’ve pounded on our journey. The Big Banana is arguably Australia’s most famous Big Thing, and one of the very first, too! The Big Banana is also a fun park, however, so it’s a great place to stop for families on long road trips. Wear the kids out on the theme park rides before jumping back in the car for the second leg of your journey!

The Big Prawn

Ballina, NSW.
Another Big Thing to add to the list! The Big Prawn almost met its demise in 2009 but was saved by that Aussie legend, Bunnings. It’s had a top paint job and now sits just outside the entrance to Ballina Bunnings as an iconic part of the town’s history. This is one large crustacean that’s impossible to miss!

The Golden Guitar

Tamworth, NSW.
Are you sick of big things yet? Of course not! They’re a vital part of Aussie culture! If you travel the inland route between Brisbane and Wollongong you’ll venture through Australia’s country music capital: Tamworth. In honour of the Country Music Awards, the City of Tamworth modelled this large golden guitar on the trophy winners would receive at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. It’s shiny, it’s gold, and most importantly, it’s BIG!

Macadamia Castle

Knockrow, NSW.
OK, let’s take a break from the Big Things. And talk about castles instead. Particularly, the Macadamia Castle situated between Byron Bay and Ballina, just off the Pacific Motorway. What’s a Macadamia Castle, you ask? While it is a castle, it’s also a large mishmash of fun activities. Oh, and you can get mouthwatering hot roasted macadamia nuts by the bagful! There’s mini golf, an animal park, a retail store with a fine food section, and a cafe. The park hosts a range of educational activities for kids in the school holidays and plenty of events too!

The Three Sisters

Katoomba, NSW.
Looking for a gobsmackingly beautiful natural landmark on your adventures? Venture a little way inland from Sydney and you’ll reach the gorgeous Blue Mountains. This area is bountiful in lush greenery, sweeping scenery and majestic mountains and plateaus. It’s fantastic for a bushwalk to stretch your legs and its most iconic rock formation, The Three Sisters, is a firm favourite for tourists from all regions.

Hunter Valley Wine Region

Pokolbin, NSW.
Weave your way down quiet country roads and be rewarded with some of Australia’s finest wines in the Hunter Valley. Just an hour inland of the coastal town of Newcastle, Pokolbin houses an array of wineries studded with gold medals for their excellent vintage. The entire area exudes relaxation and is dotted with spas, luxury resorts, five-star restaurants and quaint gift shops. It’s easy to see why it’s one of Australia’s most popular wedding destination spots. Winery hop from cellar door to cellar door to taste the best on offer and get your hands on exclusive merlot’s, sauvignon blanc’s and semillion’s that don’t touch the bottlo’s steps.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide as much as we have had fun writing it! Next time you’re looking for equipment rentals in Brisbane or to hire home furnishings in Wollongong, rest assured knowing we love every moment of transporting your delivery! Browse Macrae Rentals today for leading short-term rentals in Brisbane, or 1st Choice Rentals for long term rentals in Wollongong.