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Technology: Why Old School is Just as Good as New

Technology: Why Old School is Just as Good as New


Everyone loves technology, but which is better: old school or new school? We take a look at 7 reasons why old school smartphones, gaming consoles and DVD players are just as awesome today as they were 10 years ago!

The Smartphone

Smartphones are amazing. They help us connect with the world in ways that were unimaginable just a decade ago. From remotely unlocking and starting your car to ordering a pizza with an emoji, you can do just about anything with the touch of a button. However, the latest smartphone models also have still to be perfected features, like fast-draining batteries and fragile touch screens.




Here are some of the reasons why we’re still fans of the old-school mobile phone:

  • The term ‘brick phone’ exists for a reason. Old school mobile phones may be thicker, but they’re also virtually indestructible. Don’t believe us? Just check out the thousands of Nokia 3310 ‘destructibility tests’ on YouTube and tell us that your modern smartphone could handle that.
  • Autocorrect. We’re 99% sure that everyone who owns a modern smartphone has accidently sent an embarrassing email or text message because of autocorrect. In fact, the issue is so bad there’s a whole website dedicated to autocorrect fails!
  • Old school mobile phones are so simple that even your Nana could use one. They’re intuitive, easy to use, and fast to learn. Put it this way, you don’t need to go to classes or read a book ‘for dummies’ to find out how to call your family once a week


Gaming Consoles

There’s something really special and nostalgic about playing games on an old school Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo. The pixelated gameplay, bright colours and funky retro music bring back happy memories of childhood, like blowing the dust out of old Nintendo carts and arguing with your friends about Mario Kart.




Here are some other reasons why we think old school gaming consoles are the bomb:

  • Old school games are cheaper. While the latest games may have flashy graphics and virtual reality features, they all compromise on one big thing: price. Modern games can run your bank balance into the ground very quickly. Not to mention the cost of all the accessories you need to buy too, like headsets, wireless controllers, and specialised computer keyboards.
  • Modern games and consoles can seem intimidating to beginners. They’re not as simple as they used to be and require a lot more practice and skill to master the easy levels. Whereas old school consoles were designed in an era when gaming was new to everyone, so they’re much more user-friendly.


DVD Players

With services like Netflix, Stan, iTunes and Amazon offering heaps of on-demand movies and television shows at your fingertips, how can the DVD compete? Well, my friend, the answer lies in your internet connection. If you live in a place where the internet is of poor quality or it takes you an hour to buffer 10 minutes of Game of Thrones, then DVDs are for you!




Other reasons why old school DVD players are better include:

  • Simplicity. It doesn’t get much easier than dropping a disc into a tray and pressing play. Unlike many online streaming services, you don’t need a high level of technical skill to operate a DVD player.
  • You can take portable DVD players anywhere. Want to watch a movie while you’re waiting for a storm to clear at Everest’s base camp? Well, you can with a DVD player because you don’t need the internet to do it.


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