Stop Dreaming About Filling Your Home with the Perfect Furniture Suite

Stop Dreaming About Filling Your Home with the Perfect Furniture Suite

Stop Dreaming About Filling Your Home with the Perfect Furniture Suite

Stop dreaming about filling your home with the perfect furniture suite

We all have an idea of how we want our homes to look and feel, but unfortunately, there are often obstacles that prevent us from achieving the vision we have of the perfect house. These may be budget constraints, a lack of space or limited access to homewares stores. But there are ways that you can overcome these obstacles so that you can enjoy the home that you deserve.

This is especially true when considering the number one reason people are unhappy with the interior design of their home; because they can’t afford to spend lots of cash up front on quality furniture. We’ve got good news for you. You can get your home looking like it just popped out of the pages of House & Garden in no time, and you don’t have to fork out thousands of dollars to do so. The secret? Renting your furniture.

Now before you make that “pffff!” sound and click away, hear us out! Hiring all manner of things, from clothes to cars, exercise equipment to homewares is becoming so popular that there is now more choice than ever on the market. Rental furniture isn’t associated with musty old timber anymore; we’re talking about stylish, modern pieces that will totally transform the rooms in your house. And one of the best parts is that if you decide to give your home a fresh makeover in a few years, you can simply return the furniture you have hired and rent something new. Staying on top of design trends or renovating your home has never been easier.

We’ve put together a list of popular home interior design trends and styles, and have shared our tips on how to recreate these looks just as flawlessly with rental furniture. Because everyone deserves their dream home.


If you’re a big fan of the retro look, you’d best get onto furniture with wooden legs. This style is about combining neutral greys and tans with pops of colour and quirky prints. Achieve the look below by renting a light grey lounge with retro curves, and pairing it with a vintage wooden coffee table. There are plenty of these in charity shops if you go hunting, and if you can’t find one with the right legs, you can always re-attach longer ones. Pile on plenty of your nanna’s colourfully crocheted rugs, and a few printed cushions, and your lounge room will feel like you just stepped into a 50s home catalogue.

Carry this style into the bedroom by continuing the wooden-legged furniture motif in your bed, chest of drawers and bedside tables. Nothing says retro like a fabric bedroom suite with tapered wooden legs!

Shabby Chic

Shabby chic is incredibly popular in country homes and isn’t going out of style anytime soon. One of the key ways to get this look is by using white-washed furniture. And what’s even more on trend right now is combining white with natural wood for a two-toned effected. Have your dining room looking as gorgeous as the one below by hiring a dining suite that has a polished wood tabletop and seats, with white legs. Add extra seating and mix and match shapes and styles for that extra rustic feel.
If you want your bedroom to fit with the shabby chic style, but appear warmer and cosier, try renting a bedroom suite with a rustic oak, natural wood finish. It isn’t as stark, but won’t look out of place in comparison to the rest of the house.


If you’re after more of a modern and minimalist vibe for your home, sleek black furniture will be your go-to. Pair a wooden table with a black finish, with black leather, high backed chairs to create an effortlessly stylish dining room. Contrast your dark furniture with white decor to make your space the epitome of chic.
Are you all about form and function, as well as modern style in the bedroom? Choose a bed that has a high bed head, and incorporates storage into its frame. This style of bed is fantastic for smaller rooms and homes that are pressed for space.

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