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Spring Fitness Tips To Stay Focused And Crush Your Goals

Spring Fitness Tips To Stay Focused And Crush Your Goals


If you’ve been indulging in few unhealthy habits over Winter and still haven’t kick-started your fitness in Spring, it probably means your fitness intentions have fallen by the wayside. But don’t be too hard on yourself. Spring is about seeking a fresh start, re-energizing, setting fitness goals and looking towards the Summer.


Here are some Spring fitness tips to increase your motivation to workout this season. With Summer only around the corner, it’s never too late to get started.


New workout gear

It’s always good to swap out your training gear at the start of a new training regimen. A Spring friendly workout outfit not only gives you a psychological boost but can help your body warm up and cool down more effectively. At the very least, if your trainers have seen better days, buy new running shoes from a speciality store and get your gait tested for the best shoes for you.


Set your goal

Whether it’s to lose a couple of kilograms, or to complete a half marathon at the beginning of Summer, setting a fitness goal is important. Once you’ve defined your objective, you can put in place realistic steps to get there. Keep a record of your workouts and what you’re doing to achieve your goal. Set up calendar alerts or stick motivational reminders on your fridge.


Start slow

You may have done the odd workout in Winter, but it’s safe to say you probably need to start slowly to get back into shape. Schedule in exercise 3 to 4 times per week on alternate days. Going hard out all weekend just to ‘get back into it’ means more chance of injury. Be aware of any pain and always stretch before and after your workouts.


Get a workout buddy

Working out with a buddy is fun and can be a great way to stay motivated and stick to your fitness goals. A workout buddy will hold you accountable because they’re also working towards something, and need your help to get there. They could be a friend, co worker or family member. It’s a great way to get to know an acquaintance better, too!


Incorporate versatility

Don’t get bored doing the same old exercise every day! Change it up a bit by trying out new classes or pieces of equipment. Stick to your exercise schedule no matter how busy you are by hiring equipment for those days that you just don’t have the time to leave the house after work. Renting a versatile piece of equipment such as a Pilates Total Trainer or a Cross Trainer will ensure you’re always keeping up with your fitness calendar and maintaining interest!


Reward yourself

No, we don’t mean stop off at the nearest cake shop and buy a sugary cream doughnut! There are lots of non-food rewards you can treat yourself with for meeting your fitness goal. From holidays to spa days, to massages, you’ll feel even more like working out if you know you’ve got a treat in store when you hit your fitness goal.


At MacRae, we have a wide range of fitness equipment to give you the best Spring workout before Summer hits. Contact us today!