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Sitting Too Much: The Negative Effects

Sitting Too Much: The Negative Effects
Sitting for long periods of time can have significant negative effects on your health. It has been linked to increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat and higher cholesterol levels. The muscle activity required for standing and movement aids the body’s natural metabolic processes.

When you are seated, these processes slow down and your health risks increase.

Researchers recently conducted a study where they compared a group of healthy adults who spent less than two hours a day sitting with another group who spent more than five consecutive hours a day sitting in front of a computer or television. The results were alarming! The latter group had a 125% increased risk of cardiovascular disease and associated side effects, such as chest pain, high blood pressure or heart attack.

The location of the sitting is not really the main concern. Whether it is in front of the TV, or at a computer desk, or driving long distances, any extended sitting has harmful effects.

Sitting for long periods can severely affect blood and oxygen flow. It has been proven in several studies that sitting with your legs crossed causes varicose veins. It has also been reported that many arthritic patients have complained of an increase in pain and joint stiffness during periods of prolonged sitting.

If you work at a desk for long periods of time, try to ensure that you take regular breaks. Walk to the printer; stand while you take a telephone call; and walk to your colleague’s office rather than using the telephone or IM where possible.

People who are generally active during the week are at a lower risk compared to those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. So while your job may require you to sit for prolonged periods, ensuring that you get enough physical activity when you are not at work can help to counter some of the harmful effects of sitting. Furthermore, it will also help you to burn more calories and increase your overall health and energy levels too.

Be mindful of the amount of hours you spend sitting in a day. Ensure that you are always engaging in regular activity that boosts your circulation. And most importantly, when you are sitting, make sure that you are doing so with the correct posture and lumbar support. Most of us slouch while watching TV, or hunch over our computer screens. Poor posture has detrimental long-term effects to our health.

Poor posture causes a range of problems such as chronic back pain and fatigue. When the back is straight, the spine is supported and stabilized, but as you slouch, your spine no longer has the support it needs to stay balanced, leading to many health problems.

One of the most serious issues that can result from bad posture is spinal curvature. When we are not mindful about our posture, the spine can experience pressure, slowly influencing the spine curves to change their positions. The spine is specifically designed to help absorb shock and keep you balanced, but as the spinal position changes, this ability becomes compromised.

When it comes to your health, you need to always be thinking of the long term and what impact today is having on your future.  A great way to get some extra movement into your day it to have a treadmill or cross trainer at home.  You can undo some of the damage caused by sitting all day at work or from watching too much TV.  Check out our range of fitness equipment.