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Personalise Your Temporary Student Accommodation

Personalise Your Temporary Student Accommodation


With the university semester commencing soon, it’s time to start thinking about student accommodation for yourself or your child.

Many students move away from their family and friends to attend university, and while the new-found freedom can be great fun, it can also be very lonely experience, with student’s often left feeling home sick.

Unless you or your child are making the move away permanently, in most cases the next semester or year will be spent in temporary accommodation. Being that it is just that, a temporary place to live, it can become even harder to settle in.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled some great tips that we found for making your temporary accommodation a comfortable place that feels more like a home.


As any student will be able to attest, sleeping becomes an integral part of the uni lifestyle. Try to make the bed as much of a comfortable and enjoyable place as possible. Nice sheets, pillows and blankets will go a long way and there are so many cheap options available. You could also dress up the bed with fun patterns and prints on cushions or a throw.


When your temporary accommodation is a studio apartment or single room, lighting will play a big part. The more points of lighting in a room is said to create a warm ambiance and
soften the space. You can also create mood lighting to distinguish between your different uses for the room, like a dimming lamp for socialising and eating, or a brighter “task-light” for studying at the desk.


While you can’t physically change the flooring of the accommodation, you can add some colour and decorate the room in a number of ways. Floor cushions, ottomans or poufs are great way to provide additional seating in a small space, and perfect for a tight budget. You could also decorate the floor with a bright and bold coloured rug, or for something different, mix up a range of small rugs. It will instantly make a difference to the room.


Drawers are an essential item for a student room, with you no doubt trying to fit as many belongings as you can into the space. Whether you have a chest of drawers, cube shelving or storage shelves on wheels, why not make the storage in the room look fun. You could create a photo collage on the sides or decorate them in other ways, like using paint or washi tape.


If you are on a budget try looking around at an op shop for a cheap desk and giving it a makeover with a bright coat of paint. Once it’s looking good you can then personalise your work area with fun desk accessories and turn it into a happy place for you and one that you will actually want to spend time in while studying.

Touch of Luxury

As a uni student, money probably is a bit tight, but if you can try to splurge in little ways that will make you feel more comfortable and enjoy the environment you’re living in. Like if you hate the gross bathroom, buy yourself some nice body wash, hand soap or bath towel to use. It’s simple little luxuries like these that will make you feel more at home.

Storage Boxes

If you still don’t have enough storage with your drawers, why not grab some storage boxes. They’re cheap to buy and you can also have fun with them by making customisations, like painting them if they are timber or plastic, otherwise decorating with cheap fabric off-cuts or paper.


Student accommodation can have sterile feel to it and the best way to get rid of that is by adding some life to your room, literally. There are so many plant options out there that are small and easy to maintain. It’s also a cheap way to decorate your apartment. Cactus and succulents require little water to stay alive, so keep these species in mind.

Less is More

Lastly, it’s important to remember that you will be living in a small space, and most likely a studio style set up. With this in mind, there’s no point filling up the room with countless pieces of furniture and decorative pieces, if you no longer fit in there comfortably. Cut down on the objects you have in your room, and instead fill it with only what you really need to make the place feel comfortable and homely.