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Party Planning Ideas for a 21st Birthday

Party Planning Ideas for a 21st Birthday


If a friend or someone in your family is about to officially become an adult, then this calls for a celebration! But don’t just leave it ‘til the last minute and put out a few sausage rolls with tomato sauce. Remember everyone is different too, some people might want a huge party while others may want something more low key. If you’re in charge of the hosting be sure to check in the with birthday boy or girl on what they want to do.

Here are 21 ideas for celebrating this memorable milestone from the budget conscious, to the more extravagant.

  1. Throw a Hawaiian themed house party.
  2. Rent a hall or private function room and get creative with decorations.
  3. Hire a party bus – good fun and no one has to get behind the wheel except the bus driver.
  4. Go to a club. More space and someone else gets to clean up afterwards.
  5. Paintballing afternoon with mates. For guys who’re not into the party or nightclub scene.
  6. Dinner with family and friends at a restaurant. Low key and stressless.
  7. Girls day out shopping & spa treatment.
  8. Go camping the night before with mates and wake up in a beautiful location.
  9. Fly to an exotic overseas resort with family.
  10. Have a black tie cocktail party.
  11. Rent a bouncy castle for the backyard.
  12. Have a UV paint party.
  13. BBQ lunch with friends and family contributing stories and photos.
  14. Pool party – rain or shine.
  15. Get nostalgic and have a teenage pyjama party with your besties.
  16. Dancing and drinking games.
  17. Go to a karaoke bar.
  18. Rent a party boat for the evening.
  19. Adventure sport activities with jetskiing, abseiling or skydiving.
  20. Stay at luxury accommodation go on a horseback winery tour with mates.
  21. Have a masquerade party with homemade masks and costumes.

Now that you’ve got some ideas on what to do, if you’re having a party at home you’ll need to sort your party food and where to store your drinks. At MacRae Rentals we have fridges for hire for extra drink storage, perfect for 21st birthday party celebrations.