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Party Planning Ideas – 40th Birthday

Party Planning Ideas – 40th Birthday


There are few milestones in an adult’s life that are equal cause for celebration and reflection, and one of those is the infamous 40th birthday. For many, this is treated as an extravagant celebration, filled with good humor and cheer, and lots of food and drink. So, what can you do to ensure that you throw the biggest, the most fun, and most fantastic 40th birthday celebration ever?

Focal Points- Cocktails and Food

Food is the key to a party being great. You’ll want a wide variety of offerings, ranging from hot and cold appetizers to a hearty selection of entrees, to a stellar dessert tray. For a party like this, more is better, and having an abundance of choices means that your party guests won’t be left out.
Make sure you have enough table space, equipment, and storage materials on hand to successfully hold, serve, and then store your food. You may want to consider renting out a refrigeration unit to display the drinks and food, along with some tables. A tent for cover, warmers, and tables may also be in order. The following themes can all make for a great time for a 40th birthday celebration.


A mainstay of the outdoor party is the barbeque. What types of meat can your guests eat? Chicken, pork, or beef? Consider offering a variety, and be conscious of the fact that some guests may not be able to enjoy everything. Make sure your entrees are clearly labeled.

Pub Crawl

Admittedly, not everyone wants to plan every aspect of a party, and some people aren’t the tent and entree type. A good, planned-out pub crawl may be best for these party-goers. Make sure you call ahead and let the bars know you’re coming and that it’s a celebration. Some establishments will provide special drinks or sales for birthday guests.

Professional Chef

Cooking and prepping is great, but it doesn’t hurt to have someone else do it when you want to enjoy time with a loved one. A private dinner in the privacy of your home, but prepared by a professional chef, can be a great way to celebrate with close friends and family.

21 Again

How wild are you looking to get at your event? If your birthday guest is longing for their younger lifestyle, why not indulge them? As long as they’re happy, it shouldn’t matter if your party has wine and piano, or beer with rock music. The point is to have fun.

wine-testingWine Tasting

For something elegant, fun, and sure to add a dash of sophistication to your party, consider holding a wine tasting during the event. Not only will this give you a shared activity, but it will also help to liven things up. Plus, it ensures that your party will have a varied selection of alcohol.

Surprise Party

Can you keep a secret? A surprise party is a great way to liven up a 40th birthday, and everyone will love being in on the planning. This can lead to fun, both for the party goers, and for the people in charge of distracting the birthday guest.

It doesn’t matter what option you go with, really. The point is to have fun. Just remember, keep your plates full, your conversation light, and enjoy time with friends and family.