Mobility Scooter Hire: Cost, Options and More | Macrae Rentals Brisbane

Mobility scooter hire brisbane: cost, options, and which to choose

Mobility Scooter Hire Brisbane: cost, options, and which to choose

Mobility scooter hire brisbane: cost, options, and which to choose | Macrae Rental Brisbane

Looking for a mobility scooter to assist you in getting around?


Mobility scooters provide a level of freedom that makes getting to the shops, going outside for a change of scenery, or even going on a holiday, much simpler to achieve. Make your life easier with a mobility scooter and check out the options below!


Renting a mobility scooter just makes sense. Many people rent scooters for special events; to make navigating cruise ships or ballrooms easier. Others rent because they aren’t sure just how long they will need them for; when you’re recovering from an injury it’s hard to tell!

At Macrae Rentals, you can hire a mobility scooter for as little as a week, and as long as, well, indefinitely! We understand that situations change, too, which is why our contracts can be easily adjusted with just a quick phone call (and we promise that you’ll be talking to a person, not a machine).

The ultra light, portable scooter

Our ultra light, portable scooter is great for weekends away, or when you frequently need to pack it up in the car for long distance trips. It can be dismantled into four pieces, and the heaviest weighs only 14KG! We bet you could bench press more than that! Needless to say, it’s easy to cart around, assemble and disassemble. And don’t think that because it’s lightweight, it isn’t sturdy, either. The anti-tip wheels will keep you securely fastened upright in your seat, even when you like to take the corners a little fast to get that heart rate pumping!

Renting is as low as $250 for an entire month!

Celebrity X mobility scooter

We don’t want to brag, but we think you’ll feel like you just won an Academy Award, scooting down the street in the Celebrity X. It really is top notch, when it comes to features. With front and rear suspension, LED headlights and a rearview mirror, you won’t be limited to going out in the day. Enjoy an evening stroll and don’t be afraid of going to get the groceries in the late afternoon. You’ll have plenty of light to alert you to oncoming pedestrians and uneven concrete. If you’re looking for a mobility scooter with a bit of grunt, but plenty of sleek features, the Celebrity X is for you!

Rent for a week or a month with Macrae!

Electric wheelchair

An electric wheelchair isn’t exactly a mobility scooter, but it can be very useful for one-off occasions where mobile independence is required, but in a more space-efficient way. An electric wheelchair is great for special events such as weddings or parties, to navigate the dance floor, but still sit comfortably at a table. The electric steering is easy to use, and immediately responsive. Not to mention the seat will feel like you’re sitting on your couch at home, it’s so comfortable!

Rent for a week for just $110!
Check out Macrae’s full range of mobility aids, or contact us today to rent a mobility scooter, and start your independent lifestyle!