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Making the Transition to Mobility Scooters and Walkers

Making the Transition to Mobility Scooters and Walkers

Making the Transition to Mobility Scooters and Walkers



Ageing is a natural part of life but with it comes the inevitable stiffening of joints and aches and pains that can make getting around more difficult. If a loved one is struggling with getting from A to B, then it might be time to look into getting a mobility scooter or walker, depending on the level of immobility they have. Here are some benefits of both accessibility aids so you can be better informed to make a decision.

Benefits of Walkers

If you’re concerned about the safety and well-being of your loved one, and think they may require help with walking, then a walker is one answer to assisting with their mobility needs. Even if they only need it short term:

It can assist with walking if recovering from surgery or on medication – or a loss of strength and balance from old age.

It can reduce the stress on a painful joint or limb – and acts as a substitute for a decrease in range of motion, coordination, strength, joint stability or endurance.

It can help them to be safe and independent – if they like to be active then getting around the house with a walker is a safe way to do their daily activities.

It can lock for stability and be used as a seat – check out MacRae’s Walker 4 Wheel for short or long term rent that has this function.

Benefits of Mobility Scooters

A mobility scooter is another alternative that can make a huge difference. They’re great for anyone who struggles to walk, or gets tired after walking a short distance. Even simple tasks such as going shopping, visiting friends or a walk with the grandchildren can be more difficult if your mobility is compromised. In fact, a mobility scooter can change quality of life dramatically:

It can give them more energy – because they won’t be using all their energy trying to walk or push a traditional wheelchair.

It can help to relieve the strain on shoulder muscles and wrist and elbow joints – when pushing a self-propelled wheelchair, these are often compromised.

It can allow them to go up and down steep hills in comfort – you also won’t have the worry that they’ll roll down the hill or be worn out for days afterwards.

It can provide them with the freedom to go wherever they want, whenever they want – the distance they can cover is much greater than in a traditional wheelchair, some scooters have a range of up to 30km.

It can be used for visiting friends and relatives at their convenience – so they won’t need to rely on public transport as much.

It can mean being able live at home independently – rather than having to rely on others.

Check out MacRae’s range of mobility scooters for short or long term rent.