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Yard Tidy Up


Tidying your yard can be a daunting task but never fear we’ve got some tips and tricks to make it all a little easier for you.

Start with the big things first

Looking at piles of mess can be overwhelming, so start by getting rid of a few big things first. This will help you to achieve something quickly which will motivate you to keep going.

For this step think about tackling items like tree branches, large pieces of waste, toys or rocks.

Plan your day

Now you’ve gotten rid of the big items, you can clearly see what there is left to do. From here, the next step is to make a list of what you want to achieve. Having a list will keep you motivated as you’ll continually be ticking things off the list.

Make piles

A lot of what you’ll come across in a yard tidy up will fall into specific categories such as general rubbish, compost and things to be put back into their location. This means as you move through your tidy up you’ll be able to put items into these piles. This will help to simplify the overall task and will also be more efficient as you won’t be walking back and forth to the rubbish bin.


Once you’ve got all the rubbish sorted it’s time to trim the bushes and hedges. 

Now it’s time for the smaller things

Now you’ve gotten rid of the big items and have had the chance to give some love to your hedges you can start to look at the lawn. In this step you should get rid of excess debris with a leaf blower or rake leaves into a pile so you can remove them more easily.


Mow your lawn to add the finishing touch to your yard tidy up. 


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