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Keep Cosy This Winter By Exercising Indoors

Keep Cosy This Winter By Exercising Indoors


With winter fast approaching, you may feel the motivation to exercise dropping off as quickly as the temperatures. But don’t let your trim tummy and pert backside turn into flab just because it’s less than ideal weather to head to the gym or go for a run. Here are some tips for exercising inside and keeping cosy at the same time.

YouTube Workouts

YouTube-icon-full_colorThe internet is a remarkable invention, so it makes sense to take full advantage of it when it comes to exercising inside. YouTube has loads of workout routines of varying lengths and types, so there’s no excuse for lying in bed. Search ‘workout’ for general cardio sessions, or by the type of exercise you want to focus on e.g ‘push up workout’ or ‘crunch workout’. There are even yoga, pilates and stretching workouts.

Stair Climbing

Running or walking briskly up and down the stairs is one of the best exercises you can do in your own home, and is said to be better than jogging or cycling for toning legs and improving cardiovascular fitness. To burn some serious calories, you’ll need to do it for 25 to 30 minutes at least. If you don’t have stairs in your home then renting a cross trainer is another option.

Spotify-Radio-on-iPhone-645x419-e1432779100778Dance Up a Storm

For the coordinated among you who like to bop around to Spotify tunes, dancing by yourself or with friends is a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time. For the best benefits aim for 30 minutes of dancing and don’t forget to do some stretching beforehand and afterwards, so you don’t pull a muscle in your attempt to be the next Michael Jackson.

Walk, Talk and TV

The TV is our greatest threat to exercising in winter but why not combine the two? If you can’t bear the thought of missing your favourite show then, instead of lying on the couch, walk in place while you watch TV and take a rest during ad breaks. If you’ve rented a treadmill that’s been gathering dust now’s the time to put it to use with some low impact walking and TV watching.  Putting your treadmill on incline gives you an amazing workout yet won’t see you bouncing up and down unable to watch your shows.  Likewise, if you spend hours talking to your friend on the phone, get on your treadmill or cross trainer while you’re nattering, who says you can’t gossip and get fit at the same time?