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Just Arrived in Brisbane? Rent Home Packages to Get Settled Faster

Just Arrived in Brisbane? Rent Home Packages to Get Settled Faster


So you’ve just moved to Brisbane and are looking forward to starting a new job and getting a home set up. But after paying bond, rent and agency fees, your savings are cleaned out. So what exactly are you going furnish your flat with?

At MacRae we understand buying all the furniture and appliances you need can be expensive. That’s why we offer a Moving Package Rental that gives you everything you need to set up a home, with just a per month payment, and no locked in contract. You don’t have to use the bank of mum and dad, reach the limit on your credit card or raid the second-hand stores to get a bed, a couch and a TV.

In fact, with our furniture package, you get bedroom furniture, lounge furniture and kitchen/dining furniture.

With multiple payment options available, you can choose the one that best suits your arrangement. We think it’s a pretty good deal.

Keep reading to find out how the MacRae Moving Package can benefit you.

Simple but stylish functionality

Our moving package has all the items you need to set up your home, but you don’t have to put up with second-hand appliances and dowdy furniture. While it may not be the latest in designer houseware, it’s solid, quality furniture and up-to-date appliances to get you started. Best of all, it comes as a set so you can get everything delivered to your new home at once. No eating off your knees in the lounge while you save up for the kitchen table!

Appliances that work

When you set up your home, it’s essential that all the appliances work, otherwise you’ll just be coughing up money to get them fixed. With our moving package you get a 220L refrigerator and 5.5 kg washing machine, a decent sized TV and we’ll throw in a microwave for free. If anything does break down, you can just give us a call and get them replaced quick smart. While goods you buy outright are usually under guarantee, you can’t do that with a second-hand appliance – with those it’s usually buyer beware!

Low rental price

The price of our moving package is pretty low for all the goods you get. If you’re spending less on furniture and appliances, you’ve got more money to spend on enjoying your new found freedom!

Interested in renting this package? Give us a call today on (07) 3356 3822 or send us an enquiry.