Ideas for your next party or function around Brisbane - MacRae Rentals

Ideas for your next party or function around Brisbane

Ideas for your next party or function around Brisbane

hire fridges and freezers for your party

Are you hosting the best party of 2017? Maybe it’s a 21st, an engagement party, or a bar mitzvah. Maybe it’s Great Aunt Muriel’s 80th birthday party.


Whatever the occasion, if you want the celebration to linger in the minds of your guests, you’re going to want to ensure you have expert-level catering. Here are a few of our top tips to keep your guests fed, watered and boogieing along to Lionel Richie ‘all night long’.

There’s nothing wrong with finger food

Don’t ever assume that party pies and sausage rolls aren’t fancy enough for your guests. You could be serving up caviar canapes and chicken liver pate, but there will always be a beeline towards the boiled cheerios and tomato sauce! Not only are these appetisers crowd pleasers, but they also require minimum fuss to prepare – double whammy!



A Lolly Bar will win the hearts of young and old

Looking for a fun, bright and colourful dessert that won’t have you slaving away in the kitchen for hours? A Lolly Bar is the perfect solution! Not only does it look fantastic, but it also means that guests can serve themselves. Did we mention that it’s also cost effective? Apart from the bits and bobs needed to make it look pretty and hold all of the sugary goodness, you’re only paying for the packets of sweets themselves. You can pick these up in bulk from stores such as Officeworks and various party shops. If you’re hosting a kids party, we can assure you that it will be a hit, but don’t hold us responsible for any sugar-induced hyperactivity!



Prepare the day before

If you can get away with it, it’s best to prepare the bulk of your food the day before the party. This will reduce stress and leave more time for you to concentrate on decorations and making yourself look like the Belle of the Ball. We strongly recommend this for any themed parties – you want to be spending time on your costume, not behind the stove!



Rent a fridge and/or freezer

Early food preparation means you need somewhere to store it. And if you have a lot of guests, you’re going to need a heavy duty fridge. Renting a fridge or freezer will relieve the stress of trying to cram twelve bowls of salad into your home’s tiny one door cooler. It also means that you won’t be frantically calling Uncle Joe every two seconds, telling him to get another bag of ice for the drinks. Did you know that a standard two door, 1000L display fridge will hold an impressive 20 cartons of beer?



If you’re planning on having a bar at your event, a display fridge is a great idea. It will allow guests to easily see their options of drinks while also allowing staff to monitor the party-goers’ intake (we all know how Grandma gets after too many gin and tonic’s). With all that stress out of the way all you have to do now is worry about the music, lighting, decorations, guest list, parking and venue hire… well at least we relieved some of it, right?


Looking to rent a commercial fridge or freezer for your next big party or event? Check out Macrae’s range and get in contact today!