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How to Take Instagram-Worthy Food Photos

How to Take Instagram-Worthy Food Photos


Taking a good Instagram photo of food is tricky. But if you want to show off the fabulous food at your cafe it is a skill that you need to hone.  

To help you out, we’ve created some need-to-know basics for your next Instagram food post.

Don’t use a flash

If you’re in an area with bad lighting, you may be tempted to use the flash, but it could actually make the photo look worse. Instead, choose somewhere that you’ll be able to capture your food with a beautiful natural light. Remember great lighting will bring out natural colours in your food.

Try not to use a filter

You may think a filter will enhance your photo, but more often than not it doesn’t. It just skews the colour and tends to make the food look less appealing. If you need to use a filter choose a subtle one and experiment with photo editing apps to find a perfect result.

Give it some emotion

Try adding a human element to the photo. Have someone’s hand or even a cup of coffee in the photo; it makes it feel as though food brings people together.

Take multiple shots

We all know that one photo just simply won’t be good enough. So take as many as you can and experiment with different angles. This way when you look back through the photos later you can choose the best.

Use your phone camera

There’re a few different opinions about which camera is best to use on your phone. But the majority of people recommend using the phone camera instead of accessing it through Instagram. This is so you can guarantee a quality photo.

If you wish to shoot in landscape…

Use the volume (+) button to capture the picture. This will reduce the amount of shake, so you get a clearer picture.

Don’t zoom in

Try to avoid zooming in on your food as this will distort the image quality. You may not be able to notice it on your phone, but if anyone is looking at it on the computer, the image may be blurry.

Brighten the photo on the spot

Instead of having to rely on filters to brighten the photo you can use the brightness function when taking the photo. Simply touch the part of the photo that you want to be in focus and then slide your finger right or left and it will adjust the brightness.

Shoot from above

Get on a chair and make sure you can see the whole plate from above.


More tips and tricks

  • Use interesting plates and cutlery.
  • If the table isn’t interesting enough as a background try different backdrops.
  • Use the gridlines and the “rule of third” to get the perfect balance in your photos.

And finally, if you want to go above and beyond, it can pay to invest in a little bit of equipment, such as a lense. This will allow you to get an even closer and clearer shot.


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