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How a Chest Freezer Can Save You Money

How a Chest Freezer Can Save You Money


Are you using your chest freezer or fridge freezer to its full potential? Freezing food can make a big difference in your grocery bill as well having lots of health benefits. Keep reading for tips and tricks to make the most out of your freezer.


Freeze Excess Produce

Knowing that you have spare room in your freezer means that you can take advantage of cheap market prices when produce is in season. Summer especially is when there are lots of cheap fruit and veggies around. What you don’t use can simply be washed, placed into Ziploc bags or plastic containers, and labelled before freezing. Tomatoes are a great food to freeze when plentiful as they are extremely versatile and can be used in lots of ways ¬ tomato sauce, pasta sauce, tomato paste, etc.


Purchase Foods in Bulk

Buying food items in bulk is a good way to save money because it’s usually cheaper than buying single items. You don’t have to let it all go to waste either, with a chest freezer you can freeze anything from bread and milk to meat and grains so keep an eye out for sales and buy up big, then freeze it for later use! Like fresh fruit smoothies or homemade sorbets? Bananas, blueberries, raspberries or strawberries can be bought in bulk at low prices at the market, chopped into bite size pieces and frozen in Ziploc bags. This is much cheaper than buying them in fancy supermarket packages. Bread is also another item that freezes well and has a high turnover on supermarket shelves. See it on sale? Buy ten loaves and freeze 8 of them!


Freeze Leftover Meals

A simple way to reduce wastage and save on your food bill is to freeze leftovers if you’ve made too much. You can also make too much on purpose with the express intent of freezing the extra portions. Stockpiling leftover meals in your freezer, as long as you use them within a few months, is much healthier than buying ready meals that contain extra fat, salt and other additives. They can easily be microwaved in minutes too! Soups, stews and curries all make excellent frozen meals, so do your body a favour and don’t dial up the pizza delivery just head to your freezer for a delicious meal.  


Freeze Baking for Kids Lunches

Freezers are an ideal tool for shopping if you’re a parent. Growing kids go through food like nobody’s business so utilising your freezer means there’s always something to eat in the house. Healthy home baking such as cakes, muffins and biscuits can be frozen successfully, just make sure they are cool before wrapping in glad wrap and placing in an airtight bag to prevent freezer flavour. When thawing leave the wrapping on or take out a few muffins or cookies and place in another bag to thaw. This stops moisture forming on the surface and making them soggy.  


Tips for Efficient Freezing
  • Full freezers use less energy than empty ones, keep yours full with frozen food or freeze a few water bottles or milk containers of water.
  • Freezer¬safe containers keeps your food items organised so items at the bottom aren’t forgotten. Don’t forget to label each item.
  • Check the temperature of your freezer is 0 degrees or below with a thermometer to ensure food is sufficiently frozen.
  • Frozen leftovers should be consumed within a couple of months, fruit and some meats and poultry can be frozen for 6 – 12 months.


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