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Ho Ho Ho: Hire Everything you Need for the Holidays!

Ho Ho Ho: Hire Everything you Need for the Holidays!


Are you the chosen one in your family who has the pleasure of hosting Christmas this year?

You’ve got Nanna and Pop, your sister Sally with her husband and three kids, Uncle Bob and Aunt Marge – the whole clan is coming to stay. Having family and friends coming from far and wide to spend the holiday season with you takes a lot of organising.

Where will everyone sleep? How will we keep the kids entertained? And most importantly: do you have enough room to store the Christmas ham and prawns? This is where we come in to take care of everything you need and make it feel like you’re still getting a holiday.

Setting Up Sleeping Quarters

If you have visitors coming from out of town, it is most likely they will need somewhere to stay. If they have left it too late to book accommodation, then your home will likely become their hotel for the Christmas season. Perhaps this means converting the home office into a bedroom or getting in some fold-away beds for the kids. MacRae Rentals stocks everything your guests need for a comfy night’s sleep.


Be the Entertainment Expert

Now that everyone is all set for the time they will spend sleeping off Christmas lunch it’s time to make sure they are kept amused during waking hours. You’ll want to be prepared with all things entertainment to ensure there is never a dull moment!

Set up an entertainment station for the kids, complete with a TV, DVD player and Xbox or PlayStation 4 to keep them occupied. On Christmas day crank the carols nice and loud with our range of HiFi systems available for rent.


Fit in all of the Food

One of the highlights of Christmas is always the food! Whether it’s Christmas lunch or if you’re hosting a party or BBQ over the Christmas and New Year break, good food is what brings people together. If room is tight in your fridge and freezer and playing Tetris with the trifle and potato salad just isn’t cutting it, then you’ll need some extra space.
We’ve got you covered with fridges and freezers available for rent in all sizes, big and small.


Get back on the fitness bandwagon.

Last but not least: it’s time to work off the chocolate from your advent calendar and the pork crackling from Christmas lunch. Get a head start on your fitness kick and have exercise equipment ready to go before the New Year – no excuses this time around! From treadmills, to cross trainers to entire home gyms, we know that variety is essential in any exercise regime.


Ready to get organised for Christmas? Get in touch with us today for anything and everything you need for the holidays.