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Go from walking to running in no time

Go from walking to running in no time

If running isn’t something you have done regularly, or if you have had a long break from it, then it takes a while to get your body used to this type of exercise.


It’s not a case of buying a new pair of Nikes and setting off at full pace. Trust us; you’ll only get puffed pretty much straight away. Going from zero to 10 can also encourage injury if you haven’t warmed up or cooled down properly. Here are some tips to build up your body and get it running in no time.

1. Get a check up

With any venture into physical exercise, it’s a good idea to get checked over by your doctor before you start a running regime. Getting a general physical and letting your doctor know you plan to start running and receiving the all clear will make you feel more confident about attempting it.

2. Get the right shoes

Expensive, brand name shoes may make you look like you’re an experienced runner. But if they’re wrong for your feet, they will cause you problems in the long term. Running puts a certain amount of stress on joints, so you need a shoe that supports your feet, and that can flex, breathe and prevent strain on knees and hips. It’s a good idea to head along to a speciality running shoe store to get your gait analysed and find out what shoes they recommend, even if you end up buying them elsewhere.

3. Walk before you run

Walking is a good way to get your body used to exercise and will build up your stamina so you can work your way up to a sustained jog. Start with small goals like running for one to five minutes and then walking until you get your breath back.

4. Build up your stamina

Increasing your walk/run combination over a period of weeks is the best way to get into a sustained run. Consistency in your workout will help, with three running workouts per week to see results. Try this two month walk/run schedule plan.

5. Have a goal

Signing up for a short fun run, for a distance of 5 km or so, can be a good way to keep your goal in mind and chart your progress. Enlisting a fellow friend who likes running and that is slightly faster than you can help push your progress along. They will also keep you motivated on the days when you don’t want to exercise.Try this seven week training schedule for a 5 km run.

6. Hire a treadmill

If pounding the pavements doesn’t appeal, then hire a treadmill and work out in the comfort of your own home. Knowing that you can work out when you want can be a lot more motivating than joining a gym, and will help keep your running schedule on track. Prevent strains and injuries by always incorporating a five minute warm-up and five minute cool down before and after your workout.