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Get Ready For Storm Season

Get Ready For Storm Season


Batten down the hatches, Brisbane storm season is fast approaching and we’ve got all the tips you need to be prepared. From late October to February/March Brisbanites can expect some violent storms as the sub-tropical climate heats up. Find out how to keep your family, pets and property safe this storm season.

Be Aware of Flood Risk

Brisbane has 38 creek catchments, so creek flooding is the most common type of flooding that affects Brisbane’s suburbs in a storm. Flooding can also happen from king tides, storm surges and overland stormwater flooding. As part of your preparation you need to be aware if the area in which you live is high, medium or low risk for flooding by checking the Brisbane City Council flood maps.

Secure Your House

Making sure your property is storm ready is essential as loose objects and big trees are hazards not only to yourself but to your neighbours if there are high winds. Check around the outside of your property and store any toys or objects inside. The same goes for outdoor furniture, if you can’t move it inside, secure it well. Protect your property from leaks by checking and cleaning your roof, downpipes and gutters so water can flow easily. Overhanging tree branches should to be trimmed so they don’t cause damage to your roof and neighbouring power lines.

Survival for Three Days

Everyone should have a storm emergency kit to enable survival for three days without water and power if evacuation occurs. Store your emergency kit in a plastic bin with easy accessibility. Here are the recommended items you should include according to the Queensland Government:

  • a portable battery operated radio and torch with fresh or spare batteries and bulb
  • a list of Brisbane radio stations for emergency information
  • candles with waterproof matches or a gas lantern
  • reasonable stocks of bottled drinking water and tinned or dried food
  • tin opener
  • a first aid kit and basic first aid knowledge
  • good supplies of essential medication
  • food & items for your pet
  • strong shoes and rubber gloves
  • a waterproof bag for clothing and valuables – put valuables and certificates in the bag and put the bag in a safe place
  • a list of your emergency contact numbers
  • a car charger for your mobile phone

Some further tips for being fully prepared include:

  • Keep mobile phones, laptops and tablets charged
  • Fill prescriptions before they run low
  • Stock up on extra tinned food
  • Buy longlife milk for the pantry

Visit for more information on being prepared for storm season and what to do during and after a storm. You can also sign up for the council’s Severe Weather Early Warning Alert Service