Furniture Hire Brisbane: Rent lounges, beds and TV's fast!

Furniture Hire Brisbane: Rent lounges, beds and TV's fast!

Furniture Hire Brisbane: Rent lounges, beds and TV’s fast!

Furniture Hire Brisbane: Rent lounges, beds and TVs fast!

Are you looking for furniture rentals in Brisbane? Do you have an impromptu guest coming to stay? Perhaps you need to deck out your lounge room fast or move house in a hurry?

Signing up for short-term furniture rentals in Brisbane is an easy, convenient and reliable way to get your hands on lounges, bedroom and dining suites, and entertainment units in a jiffy! And gaining approval to hire what you need doesn’t require endless reams of paperwork, either. Just your full name, phone number and photo ID! It’s quick and totally painless. Oh, and you can even get your furniture delivered right to your door so you don’t have to muck around with borrowing a mate’s ute for the day. Read on to discover the useful furniture you can rent short or long term in the Brisbane area.

Hire comfortable and stylish bedroom furniture.

Rental furniture often gets a bad rap. Many people associate it with outdated trends and worn materials. But in reality, it can be stylish, modern, and top quality – you just need to pick the right provider! Macrae Rentals and 1st Choice Rentals stock a wide range of bedroom furniture in a variety of designs, to suit all kinds of tastes. From pastel retro chests of drawers to sleek and modern black bed frames, or traditional timber bedside tables, there are so many options to choose from! Hire single pieces of furniture or chuck a full suite in your shopping cart, and we’ll deliver it right to your door. There are even sofa beds and single foldaway beds or standalone mattresses for those guests that turn up on your doorstep looking for somewhere to rest their head!

Rent lounges and TVs for the ultimate home cinema.

If you’ve recently moved house in Brisbane and you’re significantly lacking in the furniture department – never fear! Hiring is the best way to get your hands on the furniture you need quickly, especially if you’re unsure how long you will need it for. Macrae’s short-term rentals have zero lock-in contracts, and you can rent even if you are receiving benefits from the government. What’s more, you can create yourself the ultimate entertainment setup in your lounge room, no matter if you’re staying in your current house for a week or a few months. You want your space to feel homey, so why not grab a couple of recliners, or a full lounge suite, complete with footrests? Top it all off with a stylish entertainment unit, a fifty inch HD TV and surround sound, and all your friends will be tripping over each other to get to your place for movie night!

Hire extra tables and chairs for parties.

Hosting the party of the year? Whether it’s a dinner party, Birthday party, Anniversary get together or simply an excuse to celebrate, you may be needing more chairs to seat guests and tables to hold the mountains of scrumptious food. Choose from five or seven piece dining suites in sturdy wooden designs with Macrae and 1st Choice Rentals. Sprawl your party onto the deck with a candlelit dinner or push back the couches in the living room for buffet style nibblies off the table. If you need more fridge space to hold the weight of your deviled eggs, the assortment of beer and wine or good old-fashioned snags, Macrae and 1st Choice Rentals Brisbane can help you out there too! Rent large fridges and freezers to pick up that party overflow – after all, you don’t want your guests to go hungry or thirsty!

Macrae Rentals and 1st Choice Rentals are Brisbane’s leading long and short-term furniture rental providers. If you can’t see the furniture you need on our websites, contact us today to make an inquiry, or discuss our package deals.