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Food and Netflix matches

Food and Netflix matches

The biggest problem with Netflix is choosing what to watch. The next question, however, is what to have for dinner? For a truly immersive experience, try to pair your next dinner with your favourite TV show.

Here’re 5 suggestions to get you going.

The IT Crowd:

There are few foods that suit geekdom more than pizza. But don’t get boring old supreme or ham and pineapple. Go full-geek with a very traditional cheese pizza with extra cheese. Or go something extravagant like ordering a pizza with everything (yes, even anchovies). And extra cheese.

Mad Men

Mad Men is known for the accurate depiction of the 1960’s. So iconic is the show that there is a (unofficial) Mad Men Cookbook Blog. So what should you have? Take a trip back in time and have a go at making Peggy’s Pineapple Upside-Down Cake. And in fitting Mad Men-style, you’ll also need either a Manhattan or a Don Draper Old Fashioned to wash that down with!


Orange is the New Black is the new show that’s got everybody hooked. Now it’s understandable if you don’t want to make yourself and big bowl of ‘prison food’. But there is a solution. What would you eat if this was your last meal before entering the slammer?

Planet Earth

Have a break from a TV series and enjoy a good nature documentary with the man himself, Sir David Attenborough. And here’s a fun idea. Grab a big block or box of chocolate, and adapt one of the many David Attenborough Drinking Games. The rules? Eat a piece of chocolate every time he uses a superlative (‘in the world’, ‘on the planet’ or ‘extraordinary’. And eat two pieces for every panoramic or time-lapse shot. Enjoy!

Top Gear

Watching these three English larrikins drive their cars around England, there can be only one choice. Revive an old favourite and head to your local Fish & Chips and grab a big serve of battered fish and chips.