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Finding Health and Fitness Tips on Pinterest

Finding Health and Fitness Tips on Pinterest

Pinterest is fast becoming the most popular social media platform for finding all your essential health and fitness tips. Pinterest’s easy-to-use functionality and board creation allows you to create your own virtual board.

This means naming it whatever you want (e.g., marathon tips); and then “Pinning” any relevant information, pictures, website links, etc. that pertains to the topic.

Your board will always be there, so you can refer back to it whenever you need to find information on marathons. You can also share boards with friends, so if you find information that would be very helpful to one of your friends, simply share the board and they can also comment, read the information, etc. You can also see boards that your friends have liked so this will help you to browse topics easily and get additional information.

And best of all, you can create as many boards as you want, all with different titles and topics. So rather than trying to cram everything onto one board, you can easily categorise your interests onto separate boards. You can have one for exercise food; one for exercise stretches; one for exercise gear. The possibilities really are endless and you can personalise each board as suits you best.

Did we mention that we’re also on Pinterest? So now you can follow our page and stay updated with the latest health and fitness information. Click here to follow our Pinterest page today.
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