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Exercise At Home Safely

Exercise At Home Safely

Yoga-and-Pilates-Safe-ExercisesWe’re only one month into Summer, so it’s even more reason to keep exercising and staying fit. You should however ensure that you’re partaking in safe practices and exercise movements.

In our previous article we discussed the dangerous culture and workout mentality of pushing your body to the limit and sacrificing your safety in the process, found in CrossFit style training.

If you want a great whole body workout, without enduring the dangers of fitness training like CrossFit, why not combine a safe cardio workout with stretching exercises like Yoga and Pilates.

At MacRae Rentals, our range of exercise equipment are the perfect solution. Our Treadmills, Exercise Bikes, Cross Trainers and Rowing Machines all offer a fantastic workout, but can each be used to suit any fitness level.

These type of exercise machines are a great form of cardiovascular training, performed in a safe method.

Unlike the one-size-fits-all exercise movements in CrossFit which causes a lot of stress to the body, our cardio machines are designed for you to workout at your own pace.

While cardio training is fantastic way to exercise, we recommend introducing strengthening exercises like Yoga and Pilates to your weekly routine, to give your body a well-rounded workout.

Yoga and Pilates both provide a number of health benefits such as increasing flexibility, improving circulation, as well as the stretching, strengthening and toning of your muscles.

It’s these wonderful benefits that make Yoga and Pilates the perfect complement to your cardio training.

Not to mention, once all your muscles have been stretched and strengthened from the Yoga or Pilates, your body will be able to perform your cardio training more safely as well as improving your technique and fitness!

Here are some easy to follow Yoga and Pilates exercises we found for you to try out at home:

Yoga at Home


Yoga exercises at home











Or watch the Beginners Yoga Workout Video from Yoga Journal for a great workout.


Pilates at Home

Home Pilates













Or watch the Flab to Fab Pilates Workout Video from Fitness Magazine.