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Entertain the Kids this School Holidays

Entertain the Kids this School Holidays

Entertain-Kids-Over-School-HolidaysIf the kids aren’t already on school holidays, it won’t be long now. Which means weeks and weeks.. and weeks of “I’m bored” and no doubt begging and pleading for you to take them here, there and everywhere.


For most parents, the festive season is expensive enough without having to fork out for costly activities and finding ways to keep the kids entertained day in and day out.

With this in mind, MacRae Rentals have an easy and affordable solution! Over the school holidays, why not check out our huge range of funky electronics available for hire and all at low prices.

No matter what you are interested in, a Television, DVD player, Hi-Fi, Home Theatre System, X-Box, Playstation, Desktop Computer, Laptop, Tablet or iPhone, we have an entertaining solution to keep your kids busy over the Christmas period.

Whether you are travelling or staying home for the holidays it may even be worth having a few electronics on hand!

With so much to choose from and such great prices, a combination of products will provide you with even more fun for the kids while still being affordable.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a Playstation to entertain the kids at home and then a Tablet to keep them busy on the road!

Our range of electronics really are the perfect way to help get you through the school holidays and for only a small price, an iPad or X-Box can provide your kids with hours of entertainment, not just days but weeks.

What’s more, with the array of online games, apps, console games and movies that are easily and cheaply accessible to use with these electronics, your kids will never tire of it.

Even if you do have lots of activities and day-outs planned over the school holidays, the great thing is our electronic equipment is the perfect complement.

Your kids will stay entertained while enjoying some down time and it’s great for quiet days at home, especially after busy days spent at the theme parks.

With your kids kept busy playing games, watching movies or checking out apps you will be able to relax with them out of your hair.. and wallet, making it a win-win for everyone!

To find out more about our affordable range of electronics, click the link here.