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Display Your Food Beautifully

Display Your Food Beautifully


Do you maximise the selling potential of your display fridge? In cafes, display fridges are a key factor in making sales to your hungry customers. We’ve got some top tips on how to beautifully display your food.


There’s nothing worse than going into a cafe and being confronted with a half empty display cabinet. It’s off-putting for the customer and more than often they will choose to eat elsewhere.

Food looks amazing in abundance so make sure you fill that cabinet up with your delicious food. You may be scared that you will waste food if you always choose to fill up your cabinet. However, the key is to find the balance of just the right amount of food. If you don’t have the food to sell, you won’t sell it. So take some time and choose your food displays wisely so together they will fill the cabinet.


Make sure your display cabinet is colourful. Highlight the beautiful ingredients you use by pointing wraps outward and cutting your sandwiches in half so the customer can see the fresh ingredients. Baked goods are mostly tones of brown so pair them with other colours or top them with interesting toppings to accentuate their scrumptious ingredients.  You could even subtly use your businesses colours to add a bit of interest into your cabinet.


Labels are important. Customers not only want to know what they are eating but how much they are going to pay for it. Make sure your display cabinets have clear labels with the description and price of the product so that your customers know what they are getting.

Frame your food

Display cabinets are like frames for your food.  Draw the customer toward the food in the cabinet by keeping the top of the cabinet clear. Anything on top is likely to distract the customer. Lighting is also another helpful thing to consider. Make sure your cabinet is well lit so it can show off all of the scrumptious food available. However, you need to find the right balance between too much light and not enough light. You’re looking to accentuate colour, texture and shape.

Be different

Provide your customer with something different. Don’t just display the regular ham and cheese sandwich. Highlight your cafe’s best assets and put your most delicious and creative food on display- it will entice and interest your customers.


There is nothing worse than seeing a fly in a display cabinet. Keep your display fridge clean, tidy and fresh because anything else can be a big turn-off for a customer.  Make sure you don’t have any invading pests and keep the glass clean of fingerprints. You should also keep your food looking tidy and fresh. There should not be any sign of grease or excessive crumbs.

Stick to these principles and you’ll have customers coming back for more. You can check out some of the commercial fridges you can hire from us by clicking here.


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