Counter top fridge hire: easy rental for Brisbane events and shops | Macrae

Counter top fridge hire: easy rental for Brisbane events and shops

Counter top fridge hire: easy rental for Brisbane events and shops


Holding a Christmas stall at one of the many markets popping up around Brisbane? Or hoping to get in some new stock for your shop to meet crazy Christmas shopper demands? You’ll be needing a counter top fridge to keep your drinks and nibblies cool!

Renting a counter top fridge for a short term is easy and affordable with Macrae Rentals. Read on to find out how renting a counter top fridge will be an invaluable asset to your business.

Looking for commercial display fridge rentals? Macrae Rentals specialise in those too!


Keeping up with demand

This summer is gearing up to be a hot one! Which means that busy market-goers will need to stay hydrated. This is good news for you if you’re in the business of selling drinks! A countertop fridge is small enough to fit snugly in a limited market stall space but big enough to hold up to 60, 375ml cans of soft drink.


Having everything on display

The counter top fridges on hire through Macrae Rentals feature glass doors so that all products are easily viewable by customers. This makes it simpler for your customers to decide what they want at-a-glance. No need for them to read long lists of drink varieties or chilled snacks, they can simply view, grab, pay and go!


Quick and convenient service

It’s no secret that this time of the year is stressful, especially at busy Christmas markets or shopping centres. Lines are often long, waiting times arduous and the crowds can turn happy people into grinches in no time at all! So getting your services as streamlined and simple as possible for the customer is essential. Placing your counter top fridge next to your register in an easily viewable and reachable position will speed up your service times. Not to mention, having your drinks right at your customer’s eye height when they’re paying will remind them to hydrate!


Easy renting process

Renting short-term through Macrae’s is a quick and simple process. All we need is your full name, phone number and photo ID. We’ll deliver your counter top fridge right to your door (or market stall!) for a flat rate of $25, anywhere in Brisbane! Our friendly drivers are even happy to help you install your fridge. Just don’t forget that you’ll need a generator or power source closeby if you’re operating out of a market stall.

Interested in hiring a counter top fridge to keep your customers rolling in? Contact Macrae Rentals today!