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Cool Parenting Hacks

Cool Parenting Hacks


We know being a parent is sometimes not the easiest job in the world. So in the name of hassle-free parenting we’ve rounded up a few helpful tips to make your family life run more smoothly.

1. Medicinal Lollipop


As Julie Andrews was fond of saying ‘A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down’. In the case of your child absolutely refusing to take his or hers, dipping a lollipop in the medicine is a surefire way to ensure it gets taken, especially if they’re allowed to finish the lollipop afterwards.  Take a look at Popsugar’s verdict

2. Keep Safe, Take a Photo


You can always expect the unexpected with children, so this is a smart way to be prepared in the event of anyone getting lost when you’re all visiting a park, mall or any other public place. Having a current photo showing what they look like and what they’re wearing will be a huge help to find them.


3. Sunburn Fix


The sun can still burn even in winter, so for anyone who forgets their hat and sunscreen, having an ice tray of soothing aloe vera in the freezer is the ultimate after sun treatment to relieve pain, redness and swelling.

4. Two in One


If you’ve got two hungry kids clamoring for their lunch, then instead heating one meal in the microwave, why not do two at a time? Simply put one bowl on top of a glass so it’s elevated above the other.  More hacks

5. Bread for Broken Glass


Glass breakages tend to happen when kids are around. But you can use a slice of bread to safely pick up the shards and tiny bits and so avoid anyone getting injured by standing on them.

6. Medicine Chart


This is an easy way to ensure that you’ve given your child their medicine. Simply draw a small, weekly chart on the bottle with a vivid marker and you won’t have to wonder if you’ve done it or not.

7. No More Slips

no-more-slips-02If your home has lino or polished concrete floors then you’ll need non-slip slippers for you and your kids so you all don’t go for a skid. One way is to grab the hot glue gun and write everyone’s name on the bottom. If you don’t want to have their name visible, then squiggles or other shapes will work too.

8. Easy Peel Mandarin

mandarin-hackPeeling mandarins for many kids can leave your fingers smelling citrusy for days. Try this kid-friendly trick instead. Simply cut the top and bottom off, and make a slit in one side between two segments. Then gently unroll the mandarin out in a strip. Eating the segments from the peel will keep smaller kids occupied and give them essential vitamin C. Job done!