Commercial Fridge Hire for Brisbane's Thriving Food & Wine Festivals | Macrae

Commercial Fridge Hire for Brisbane's Thriving Food & Wine Festivals

Commercial Fridge Hire for Brisbane’s Thriving Food & Wine Festivals


Brisbane’s delicious food and wine festivals held throughout the year attract thousands of foodies keen to try our local products. Keeping food and wine chilled can be a real challenge for festival organisers, so it’s good to know that you can hire extra refrigeration and cold storage from MacRae Rentals if you need it. Keep reading to find out more.


Portable cold storage for festivals

Food and wine festivals in Brisbane are generally held over 2 – 3 days, like the Brisbane Food & Wine Expo, and the Brisbane Good Food & Wine Show. But food and wine events can be up to 4 days, such as the Great Australian Bites, held annually in Southbank over the Australia Day weekend.

These events attract large groups of festival goers who will be expecting their food and drinks to be served at optimal temperatures. Melting ice cream and lukewarm beer isn’t going to cut it.

Hiring extra portable cold storage from MacRae is the solution. We offer short term rentals for a variety of commercial fridges for food and wine festivals. It’s a ‘no-stress’ solution for equipment you’re only going to need for a short period of time.


3 Types of MacRae Fridges You Can Rent for Festivals

Countertop Display Fridge

A countertop display fridge allows food to be kept at the perfect serving temperature while festival goers are free to see what takes their fancy. Whether it’s cakes, cheese or chocolate that’s being displayed, keeping items chilled but offering a full view for festival customers is a necessity. You’ll be astounded by how much quicker your products will fly off the shelves when punters can see how delicious and fresh they look!

Under Bench Fridge

An under bench fridge is a handy accessory for keeping bottled or canned beverages chilled and within easy reach. This 320 litre fridge is energy efficient and designed to optimise space and keep the orders flowing. The shelving can be adjusted depending on the size of beverages, so rest assured that it will fit everything from champagne bottles to 375ml cans.

Counter Top Display Fridge

If you need a smaller fridge to hold beverages or on-the-go snacks, this 80 litre display fridge will do the trick nicely. It’s ideal for the small confines of a stall or tent and designed to perch atop a counter. The lighted display panel means that you can print your branding for all to see at first glance, for extra promotion!

These are just a few of the commercial fridges we have for hire, check out our full range, and if you can’t see what you want, contact us; we’re more than happy to help you out!