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Cheap Student DIY Decorating

Cheap Student DIY Decorating

We’ve found some easy and cheap ways to decorate your student accommodation. So why not get creative this weekend!

Student Accommodation

It’s amazing what a splash of paint can do! Look out for a cheap metal wastebasket and give it a makeover by painting it with a fun and bright colour.

Then just turn it upside and you’ve got yourself an inexpensive bedside table or display stool.

Simple Headboard

We found this really cool tutorial which basically uses cardboard and fabric to make a funky headboard.

It’s such a cheap and easy way to decorate your bed and plus if you get over the design, you can just recover it with different fabric!

Clothesline Display

Hanging photos of loved ones in your student accommodation will be great if you are feeling homesick, but it’s also a cheap way to decorate.

You could use twine or something similar to create the clothesline and hang photographs and quotes from it with mini pegs. Another idea is to use an old photo frame, take out the glass and hang the clothesline inside.

Student Accommodation

You may need to check with the rules of your student accommodation, but washi tape is a really cheap way to decorate and can be easily removed.

There is an abundance of different colours and styles of washi tape out there. You could get creative and use it to frame magazine clippings, photographs or postcards. Otherwise it could be used alone as a decoration by creating different shapes with the tape.

Bulletin Board

Being a student, a bulletin board is a necessity for keeping track of your timetable, assessments and other important things.

Give your bulletin board a personal touch, by customising a pin board with washi tape, paint and pushpins or alternatively for an even cheaper trick, use a baking tray as a magnetic board.

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a super cheap way to decorate a room, and they look fantastic! You could hang them from across the room, and if you have a photo display it will look great hung alongside that.

For something a bit different though, check out this tutorial on how to create your own marquee sign (without the huge price tag). Simply using fairy lights, cardboard letters and electrical tape.

Decorate Pot Plants

As we mentioned in our previous article, plants are a great way to add some life to your student accommodation.

So why not decorate the boring terracotta pots with some colourful paint and fun patterns. You could even use some pick out some washi with an interesting design.

Decorating student living

If you have lots of cool looking jewellery, why not make it a focal point of your room. It’s a cheap way to decorate and solves the problem of trying to find somewhere else to store your jewellery.

We found this great tutorial that uses a timber panel to display necklaces and handbags. But there are a number of different ways you can display your jewellery that works within the space you have available. For a smaller display, you could try buying a canvas and covering with fabric, then use pins to hang your jewellery.