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Cash in on the Pop-up Trend

Cash in on the Pop-up Trend


Cash in on the Pop-up Trend and We Can Help with Your Short Term Hire

The “pop-up shop” is a relatively new term, but very efficient. Find out what the benefits of the pop-up trend are and jump on the bandwagon!

Pop Up Trend Benefits

A pop-up shop has a number of benefits, especially for small businesses. The pop-up shop has the potential of not only saving you operational costs, but also to bring you a lot more money!


The pop-up store is often temporary and does not require as much space as a traditional store. Renting this so-called pop-up store will, therefore, be a lot cheaper and save you loads in operational costs.

Sales figures can sometimes be influenced by location as well. If your sales are not what they should be, you can just as easily relocate, and you are not stuck with a specific location.

No Long Term Commitments

One of the biggest advantages of the pop-up shops is the absence of long-term commitments. Businesses change all the time, and this also includes their marketing plans. With the pop-up shop, you can pick a location and time that fits you, instead of making one particular location work.

Draw Attention

Pop up shops draw a lot more attention than traditional stores, simply because they are not that common. You can also implement some great marketing plans to draw a crowd in and bring those sales with them.

Test Markets

Not only small businesses use the pop-up shop, big brands tend to use them for market testing. One of these companies is BMW, who set up some pop-up shops to introduce their new minis.

Encourage Impulse Buys

The modern pop-up shop is also great for impulse buying. By putting up a sign saying “Limited Edition” or “Offer” you will attract more customers than traditional stores with the same type of advertising. The location is not permanent so it is apparent that the offer may not be either.

Expose Your Brand

If you want to expand your brand and make people aware of your presence, a pop-up shop is an efficient way to do it. It gives you the chance to speak to customers face to face and get familiar with your target audience. The pop-up shop also provides you with a wide array of potential buyers, possibly leading to the discovery of a new target audience you may have missed in the past. This type of shop and branding is not only suited for new products, but also services.

The pop-up shop offers quite a few benefits, and not just to reduce operation costs. They are affordable, don’t require long term commitments, draw attention, help you test potential markets, encourage impulse buys and help expose your brand.

If you are interested in cashing in on the pop-up trend for your business, we can help you with your short term hire. Contact us today!  Take a look at our commercial refrigeration options.