Is Brisbane Becoming a Rental Society? | Macrae Rentals | Brisbane Short Term and Long Term Rentals

Is Brisbane Becoming a Rental Society?

Is Brisbane Becoming a Rental Society?

Is Brisbane Becoming a Rental Society? | Macrae Rentals | Brisbane Short Term and Long Term Rentals

In this day and age, you can rent pretty much anything you want in Brisbane. We’re not just talking about houses, books and cars, however. You can rent everything from your clothes to power tools, kids toys and kitchen appliances.

With so many people moving around so often, hiring items rather than buying them outright is a sensible, convenient and affordable option. From short-term rentals to long-term rentals, we take a look at a few of the things that you may not have known COULD be rented, and how hiring rather than buying can be great for your bank account.

Kids Toys

Are your kids getting bored of their current range of toys? You don’t want to spend an arm and a leg buying toys that you know they’ll grow out of in a few years, or even a few months. Renting is the best way to regularly change up their selection to keep them occupied. And the best part is, when they’re after new entertainment, you can simply send the old lot back and grab something that’s a novelty. Things like scooters, trampolines and swing sets are tonnes of fun but tend to be passing fads. When your kids get a little older, you can trade them in for tablets or gaming consoles, and fill them with a range of educational apps or games instead.

Power Tools

Need a high-pressure hose to get the driveway in top shape for a party you’re hosting? Or perhaps a lawnmower while you’re in a rental with a large grassy backyard to maintain? Power tools and lawn care equipment are often things that we need for one-off projects or specific periods of time, so it makes sense to rent rather than buy them. Furthermore, purchasing this equipment up front is super expensive, especially if you want a quality brand. If you’ve signed a lease on a house with a backyard for one year, why not hire a lawnmower for a year, so that you can mow regularly, whenever it suits you. If you move into an apartment when your lease is up on your current place, the lawnmower can simply be returned. No hassles of trying to resell or rehome your unwanted equipment when you no longer have a use for it!


Need a dress for a special event, or just want to mix up your wardrobe? You can now rent clothes in Brisbane from a variety of websites, shop fronts and apps. LÁNA is the latest app to arouse interest with the city’s fashionistas and boasts a wide range of formal and casual clothing from big labels and local designers alike. Renting clothing is perfect for formal occasions when you know that you won’t wear a full gown more than once. It’s also excellent if you want to change up your style, and see how pieces work before committing to buying them. Fashion styles come and go so quickly! Rent garments that are in season, and return them when the next trend emerges!


Now we know you’ve heard of Uber and the rise of ride sharing. Likewise, companies like Budget Car Rentals have been around for ages. But did you know that you can rent a car from a neighbour in Brisbane, just to duck down to do the grocery shopping for a few hours? Car Next Door connects people that don’t own a car with those that do. Living in a city, car owners can sometimes find that their vehicles sit in the driveway for extended periods, and it appears hard to justify the money they spend on insurance and maintenance. This is why hiring their car out to neighbours and those close by seems like a sensible idea to keep on top of those bills and share the convenience of having an easily accessible vehicle for one-off trips. It’s like using Uber, but you’re the driver, and you call the shots! Rent for a day or an hour, and you don’t even have to arrange to meet up with the owner to get the keys as all cars have pin pads installed. It’s easy, cheap and convenient!

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