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Benefits of Freezing Food

Benefits of Freezing Food

There’s nothing worse than wasting a drawer full of fruit and vegetables or making a large batch of spag bol and not finishing it. But don’t fret there is another way! If you’re not on board with freezing, it’s about time you hopped on. We’re pretty certain you’ll be freezing everything you can after reading this list, so we’ve even thrown in a few tips to ensure you get the best results from freezing.

Benefits of freezing food

  • The natural colour, flavour and nutritional value are retained.
  • You can freeze in sizes to suit your needs.
  • Meal prep. Make a big batch of a few of your favourite lunches so you can mix and match and never get bored!
  • Dinner is always on hand. Simply freeze that big batch of spag bowl, and you’ll have a stress-free mid-week meal.
  • Frozen fruit and vegetables are more nutritious than their fresh counterparts. This is because the produce is snap frozen much sooner than the fresh version hits the supermarket shelves.
  • If you grab a large amount of produce at a bargain price you can ensure it doesn’t go off.
  • Convenience. You’ll always have food available.
  • Smoothie making will be a breeze.
  • The water content of the food is frozen increasing its longevity.
  • The fuller your freezer, the more energy efficient it is!

How to freeze food

To achieve the perfect freezing results you need to ensure you freeze quality food, use appropriate equipment and have knowledge of the best way to freeze certain products.


Herbs can be frozen in a variety of ways. The two most popular are on the stem in an air-tight container, or in ice-cube trays submerged by your choice of water or oil.


Wash and prepare the fruit as usual. Dry thoroughly and freeze on a sheet pan before moving into an air-tight container.


Prepare the vegetables how you would like to eat them once defrosted (chopped, quartered etc.). After the veggies have been prepared, blanch them in boiling water then submerge them in cool water to stop the cooking process. Lastly, dry thoroughly and freeze the veggies on a sheet pan before moving into an air-tight container.

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