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Australia’s Best Coffee Shop

Australia’s Best Coffee Shop


Queenslanders do it better: A Brisbane coffee shop has been named the best in the country!

Beanhunter is a worldwide online source of all things coffee and coffee shops. The team from Beanhunter recently took to the streets to track down the best coffee shop in Australia. And the winner? Brisbane’s Coffee Anthology.

So what was it that the Beanhunter’s loved about Coffee Anthology?

The coffee shop opened in 2014 and focuses on great coffee with a small range of healthy food. Whilst most coffee shops have either one bean or a list of beans they work with, Coffee Anthology has a rotating menu. This means their regular customers get the option of exploring different beans from right across the country and their new customers get variety.

And with a menu that includes full cream, soy, almond and skim milk customers are able to enjoy the delicious coffee with their favourite milk.

Owner Adam Wang told, “We are in this industry to provide good customer service. We don’t have the attitude that we need to be cool. We don’t tell you want to drink.”

So what can you expect at Coffee Anthology?

You’ll be able to experience their tasting plate specialty “1+1”. On this plate you’ll get a glass of sparking water, and two coffees from the same bean- one brewed as a straight black coffee and one brewed as a white coffee. In terms of food, think coconut chia pudding, matcha waffle or almond and oat porridge.

Coffee Anthology is yet another example of our city’s ability to provide great food and service. In fact, out of the top ten coffee shop’s in Australia, Queensland coffee shops took out five of them!

To visit Coffee Anthology head to 126 Margaret Street,Brisbane CBD.


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