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Aging With Independence: Activities & Tips for an Enjoyable Retirement

Aging With Independence: Activities & Tips for an Enjoyable Retirement

Aging with independance

If you’re reading this, chances are you know and love a senior. Maybe it’s your favourite grandma or great uncle. Perhaps it’s your next door neighbour or maybe it’s the lovely volunteers at your local library. Whatever the case, the population of older adults in Australia is growing at a rapid rate, and many of them are searching for new activities and ways to get around.


So, here are our top tips and activities for aging with independence and supporting your favourite people through their retirement:


1. Go on some outdoor adventures together

tips for an independent and enjoyable retirement


Just because your loved ones are getting older, doesn’t mean they don’t still love being active and experiencing all of the fun and excitement of the big wide world. Sure, they might need to travel a little slower and take more rest breaks, but we promise you they appreciate the fresh air and colourful flowers as much as you do. To make things a little easier, you might like to rent an ultra light portable scooter.

Outdoor activity ideas:

  • Visit your local farmer’s markets
  • Take a stroll through the botanical gardens
  • Feed the animals at the zoo
  • Enjoy a glass of champagne at sunset
  • Relax and take in the city sights on a ferry ride


2. See a local show, watch a film or go to a sports game

tips for an independent and enjoyable retirement


It’s always so fulfilling to watch your elderly relatives light up, smile and laugh at local shows and entertainment. Watching people dance and sing can truly brighten their day and put a pep in their step that wasn’t there before. Most theatres offer special seating for seniors and those with accessibility needs. However, if you’re going somewhere that doesn’t cater for your friend or family member, you might like to rent a light wheelchair.

Entertainment ideas:

  • See the ballet or the opera
  • Watch fireworks or a film at the cinemas
  • Cheer on your kids at their musicals or recitals
  • Catch a football final at Suncorp Stadium
  • Listen to an orchestra or sing-along at community Christmas carols


3. Make or cook something together

tips for an independent and enjoyable retirement


There’s nothing like bonding over shared work and delicious food. If you’re loved one likes spending lots of time at home and you find it boring, don’t worry – there are still plenty of things you can do! A shared project will give you purpose and help to spark conversation when you run out of things to say. Finishing a project can also bring you lots of pride and joy. To support your senior further, you might like to rent a walker or a high back chair for doing projects at the table.

At-home ideas:

  • Bake some shortbread cookies
  • Build a doll’s house or a model airplane together
  • Start a family scrapbook album
  • Knit a sweater or paint some flower pots
  • Learn some new skills like photography or painting


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