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5 Christmas Holiday Hacks Sure To Keep The Family Happy

5 Christmas Holiday Hacks Sure To Keep The Family Happy

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Christmas can be complicated to say the least. Gone are the days of a simple family dinner, a tree and a few presents. There can be multiple family dinners, parties, events to organise and socialising, not to mention the huge amounts of presents to be bought for all and sundry. Having extended family to stay at Christmas can be the most stressful thing of all, so to make your life easier we’ve rounded up a few simple hacks on how to look like the perfect host (at least on the outside).

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1. Don’t Cook Fancy Meals, Keep It Simple

Your family may be only staying just for Christmas and Boxing Day or they may be staying in the weeks before and after Christmas. Whichever it is, since you’re already providing them with a home away from home, don’t feel you need to be Donna Hay when it comes to the menu. Breakfast can be cereal, toast, bagels and orange juice, and lunch could be a self-serve cold buffet of deli meats and fruit. It may be easier to go out a night to a cheap restaurant (and split the bill) to save yourself money and the hassle of preparing evening meals.

If you need extra cold storage space to store food for all your guests, consider renting a fridge or freezer. A fridge just for drinks is a great idea so you don’t have to sift through shelves of beer to get to the pudding sauce!

2. Make sure everyone keeps their cool

Christmas in Australia is HOT! If you’re entertaining many guests, including grandparents, and don’t have aircon, renting one for a week or two could save a lot of hot and bothered attitudes! Keep the Christmas spirit in the air and make your guests comfortable, especially during those stuffy summer nights.

3. Have a place for your guests to rest their heads

Spending an extended period with your wider family can be taxing on tempers. Everyone needs a little alone time, especially after a full belly from Christmas lunch. Make sure everyone has their own space and bed to chill out on. Renting beds is a great way to ensure this personal space, even if it’s just for two quiet moments while they’re sleeping!

4. Don’t get stuck doing everyone’s washing

Lots of guests means extra piles of washing. Make sure you have a laundry system in place so that everyone does their own washing. Try labelling laundry baskets with each family’s surname and be sure that your white t-shirt doesn’t end up pink, having fallen into Aunt Muriel’s colourful load of cardigans! If it looks like it’s going to be a stormy Christmas season, rent a drier to avoid your house looking like a laundromat!

5. Have Games & DVDS Available

If you’re hosting family that have kids then they’ll need to be kept entertained so they don’t get under people’s feet. Board games such as Pictionary, Scrabble and Monopoly are traditional favourites and will keep older kids occupied for hours. Toddlers are always easily pleased with DVD cartoons, and have some classic family friendly DVDs that both adults and kids will enjoy. If arguments arise over what to watch, why not rent a another DVD player and set the kids up in different rooms? Best to nip squabbles in the bud before they arise!

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