5 Apps to Keep Track of Your Kids

5 Apps to Keep Track of Your Kids

5 Apps to Keep Track of Your Kids

5 apps to keep track of your kids mother and daughter

It seems these days there are apps for everything, and now you can even keep track of your kids with them. You may say “I don’t need an app for that” but if it helps parents to prevent a child going missing, then it has served its purpose. After all, thousands of children do go missing each year from simply walking home from school, but with a safety app such as the ones below, it could really be a lifesaver.

Family Locator

With this app you can check your family members whereabouts at a glance by seeing their location on a map in real-time. It lets you stay in touch with instant messaging, and you can rest assured that they’ve arrived safely at their destination before you send out a search party. Though if they do run into trouble, it has an SOS button which gives out their exact location.

5 apps to keep track of your kids family locator app


This app is pretty similar to Family Locator with its GPS locator and panic button. The check-in feature saves mothers having to ring their kids wanting to know where they are. But there are also features such as being alerted when someone gets home, location history (i.e., where they’ve been) and the closest place to get help such as hospitals and police stations.

5 apps to keep track of your kids life360 app


As well as keeping your children physically safe like the other two apps above, this app also helps keep them safe online. It has a feature that keeps watch over your kid’s Facebook feed, and alerts you to bullying, crude language or when they get tagged in other people’s photos. Depending on how far you want to go with the surveillance, it will also give you access to their text messages and when they are driving/riding past a certain speed limit (parents with teens will appreciate this).

5 apps to keep track of your kids mamabear app

Google Latitude

This is more of a cell phone tracking tool than an app, and it can be used to find out the whereabouts of anyone, not just family members. Handy if you’re the nosy parker type. To use it, family members need a Gmail account which you then add as contacts. Their locations will appear on Google Maps on your phone.

Mobile Guardian

This takes monitoring your kid’s phones to another level, but you may need it if they’re a heavy user. It gives you alerts when they’ve been sneakily using it at night when they should be asleep, when they add new contacts and when they download new apps. You can also access their browsing history. It also has the usual features of location whereabouts, the SOS panic button and check-in, but kids can also request that parents remotely walk them to their destination via GPS tracking.

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