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Brisbane Business: Buchi Kombucha

Brisbane Business: Buchi Kombucha


Brisbane is home to some pretty successful foodies and the products they supply the local area with are nothing short of amazing. Our taste buds are delighted by food trucks, night markets and doughnuts, but one of our favourite healthy options is the fermented. This month we take a look at Buchi Kombucha- a fermented tea drink that has developed a strong and committed following over the past few years.

If you’re not sure what kombucha is, it is a lightly effervescent fermented tea. It is a probiotic, containing living microbials and is packed full of health benefits. Buchi is a brand of kombucha which was developed by Jason Callendar and Sarah Lantz. They began as keen home fermenters but found their love of kombucha after a trip to the USA. They were captivated by the vast community and, after noticing that the product was still fairly unknown in Australia they decided to leave their day jobs and develop their own brand.

In 2014 the Buchi team began their journey to spread kombucha goodness throughout Australia. Their story is one of start-up business inspiration sprouting from humble beginnings. Jason’s background is in business and Sarah has an extensive background in nutrition and public health. She has a PhD in environmental health, is the author of Chemical Free Kids: Raising Healthy Children in a Toxic World and is a columnist for many magazines. After realising that there was more to life than doing other people’s work, Jason and Sarah purchased a microbrewery and transformed it into a kombucha brewery. After this, they set upon developing flavours with a focus on local, organic and seasonal ingredients. These flavours include Ginger and Turmeric, Hibiscus, Galangal and Lime and Deep Greens.

Buchi is connected to the community through their business strategy of selling at local markets in Brisbane and the surrounding area. At these stalls, you are encouraged to keep green- if you reuse their glass bottles you receive a discount on your next purchase. You’ll be able to find Buchi at markets such as West End, Northey St, Kawana, Noosa and Jan Power’s Far Markets.

But the Buchi goodness doesn’t stop there. To make the product attainable to those not at markets and at varying times, Buchi is also supplied to a number of natural food stores. You’ll find them at places such as Mrs Flannery’s, Wray Organics and Organika.

If you haven’t already tried kombucha, Buchi is the product to try. You’ll fall in love with it’s taste and incredible product qualities and principles. Click here to visit the Buchi website.

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