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Brisbane Foodie: Damian Griffiths

Brisbane Foodie: Damian Griffiths


Damian Griffiths is a Brisbane hospitalier and foodie best known for his series of hip restaurants in the trendsetting Fortitude Valley. Starting with Limes Hotel opened in 2008, the network of Griffiths’ venues has extended to Alfred and Constance (pub fare), Alfredo’s Pizzeria and Bar (woodfired pizzas) and Kwan Brothers (Asian-street food) and others.

Griffiths spoke to Bmag and admits he’s a fan of casual local restaurants and that he’s not so much into fine dining. Which is probably why his restaurants appeal so much to Brisbanites, they’re just a bit quirky and cater to all ages. His own choice of eateries when he’s travelling range from comfort foods such as jelly and ice cream in London to tacos in LA.

He does, however, think Australia does breakfast very well “The breakfast culture is amazing in Brisbane now, and we have so many new and exciting options to choose from”.

Which is why many people were surprised to learn recently that Griffiths is actually selling his popular hip hospitality empire. A decision he says that wasn’t easy but purely a commercial one rather than emotional.

“If you want to continue to expand in the food business it takes money and we’ve done all this work without outside investors and we prefer to keep it that way.”

Griffiths plans to sell the 21-room Limes Hotel with its rooftop bar, the Alfred & Constance Hotel, Alfredo’s Pizzeria and Kwan Brothers. He will keep the Parisian steakhouse Les Bubbles, Doughnut Time and his Mister Fitz Finest Ice-creameries.

With the proceeds of the sales he wants to expand into the global hospitality business. “At the moment the focus is a national rollout of Doughnut Time and possibly the first store in Tokyo,” he says. “Mr Fitz will follow, and we’ve signed a lease in Sydney followed by one in Melbourne.

“We will also develop new food and drink concepts. After all…they say the trend is a friend.”

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